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Beyond Group are a business intelligence (BI) consultancy based in London, UK. We provide full end-to-end solutions for BI implementation, consultancy, development, training, support and maintenance. With a passion for cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solutions, we have modernized BI for corporations across a range of different industries including Travel and Transportation, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Manufacturing and Financial sectors. Beyond Group have deep knowledge and experience in a multitude of BI tools from SAP, Microsoft, DOMO and Birst to Yellowfin and Tableau. Our business intelligence (BI) consultants provide an all-encompassing service from BI tools, developers and dashboard designers to implementation experts. Our years of experience and in-depth understanding of BI allows us not only to dramatically reduce costs but also vastly improve both the usability and quality of BI, ensuring that it is a strong asset for any company.


Services we offer

  • Implement
  • Support
  • Upgrade
  • Modernise
  • Audits
  • Architecture

Technology we use

  • SAP
  • DOMO

Industry we serve

  • Travel & Transportation
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial & Banking

Our consulting model

  • Consulting Partners
  • Onsite
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore Resources
  • Man-power Consulting
  • Core/Flex Model

Our team of business experts and finance advisors.

With years of experience in a multitude of fields, our team are dedicated to helping businesses both make better decisions and orchestrate their digital presence to maximum effectiveness.


Robert Starford


Anna Clarice Marteens


Mariana Huffington

Financial Officer

Brennan Kean


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