KPI & Performance Measuring

Modernising your Business Intelligence can help ensure that you keep up-to-date with your business’ needs and changes over time. Technological advances are making BI increasingly user friendly, allowing you to compare and contrast your business data in increasingly complex ways; allowing you more insight than ever into how different components of your organisation interact with and diverge from each other. Further to this, advances in Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) are enabling increasingly agile access to BI applications, meaning the right people can access the right data at the right time as well as allowing for rapid scalability. Having the correct BI for your needs is vital to successful decision making. Contact Manzeera Solutions today to arrange a free consultation and find out exactly how we can help you develop your business by modernising your Business Intelligence (BI).




Environmental Reality: increasing data creating new opportunities, connectivity and changing behaviours

Business Needs: increasing speed and agility, delivering great value and innovation

IT Needs: managing and changing systems, providing reliable and curated data

Starting with few small, high potential projects




Establishing a business process that ensures action

Helping to construct a foundation that grows with the business needs

Starting with few small, high potential projects

Grow skills by developing or acquiring



Strong sponsorship with efficient execution

Investment with cloud

Innovative and fast pace with flexibility

Learning from past experiences

Highly developed skills, ways of working and solution driven

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